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Cognitive Distortions: assess and improve mental health

The words and thought processes we use impact the way we feel. Check yourself using this list. Simple to use and one of the most powerful tools we can use to change the way we feel. (After first identifying and accepting any/all feelings as legitimate, acknowledging that these feelings are not dangerous, and expressing/releasing the feelings appropriately.)
Common Cognitive Distortions

Pulling Together

When I reviewed my options for graduate school I found myself drawn to the systems theories taught in the Marriage and Family Therapist track of the CSU,Fresno Counseling program. I was especially pleased to find the program, not in the Psychology department, but in the Education Department.

I am a firm believer that behaviors are learned… that new and useful behaviors can be taught, and that old, no longer useful behaviors can be “unlearned”.

Check out what can be learned from Geese….

Link to YouTube Video (Pulling Together)